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Custom Scripting Downloads


Implementation of a scripting language in C#.

Implementation of a scripting language in C++ (works in XCode 7.2+ for MacOS & in Visual Studio Community Edition 2015+).


  1. Is this code under a specific license?

    1. Hi Hardliner, no, there is no specific license, but would appreciate if you mention me and/or this website)

    2. It would be great if you could put it under some permissive license like MIT.

      The reason for this is, that I want to port the script engine to D and make it accessible as a library. I don't want to impose restrictions on the users of this library and therefor I would like to license it unter MIT.

      The problem without any license are the copyright laws, because of which I can't just take your code.

      And I would really like to use it, because the code is nicely written and absolutely dependecy free.

      Of course I will give you attribution in the readme of the github project, so it will be visible for everyone using the library. If you like, I can send you the github link when I'm done.

  2. Hi, sure, I am going to add the MIT license notes. Are you interested in the C++ source, in C#, or in both? And could you write me an e-mail? Mine is vassilik at gmail dot com. Thanks.